7 tips to ROCK your beach photos.

Hey guys! First, I just have to say THANK YOU so much for all your kind words and support and a special thanks to those that have linked this site on facebook. Camera Moms was only announced last week and already I’ve received an overwhelming response! You guys are awesome, keep the love coming! ; ) I have been writing up a storm the last few months and since the last couple weeks have been full of sessions (due to so much rescheduling because of rain!) I decided I needed to get away for the weekend to get caught up. So, we took our first beach trip of 2012 this weekend and while we were away I had 3 moms write me for advice on beach pictures. Obviously, this post idea feel right in my lap, so here it is… 7 AWESOME beach photos tips.

Oh, and just in case some of you might be unfamiliar with this terminology… DSLR = camera with changeable lenses. P&S (point-and-shoot) = compact camera, no additional lenses.

1) TIMING. If you only take one tip away from this post, let it be this one. At the beach, time of day can make it or break it. This is for many reasons, the first being somewhat obvious, squinting due to bright sun isn’t pretty when it comes to portraits. Second, harsh shadows which occur when the sun is high will be hard to avoid. You’ll want to aim for an hour or two after sunrise or an hour or two before sunset. Not only will you avoid the above problems, you will gain the most gorgeous warm and yummy light along with a natural and subtle light reflector, the sand!

2) NO FLASH. Please, please, pretty please! Turn your flash off! The reasons on why not to use flash at the beach would take an entire post alone, so just trust me on this one. If it starts getting darker and you *think* you need it, fight the urge by trying some cool silhouette photos. Try putting mom or dad holding baby in the air in front of the setting sun.

3) LENS HOOD. For those of you with DSLRs, invest in a lens hood. It helps keep out unwanted light, such as sun-flares causing that hazy look. Of course, you should feel free to experiment without it too.

4) LOCATION. Try finding a spot that offers more “texture,” like a spot with drift wood, rocks etc. Textured backgrounds make a great setting and can often give you extra posing ideas.

5) EYE LEVEL. Ok, this isn’t really a beach tip, it is more of a general photography tip but it makes a huge difference. When photographing little ones, getting eye-level with them will give your photo a different perspective and make for a more personal image.

6) PROPS. If your little one is at the age where you just can’t seem to get them to sit still for more than one second, try using some photo worthy props like a sand bucket and shovel, maybe dad can help with a sand castle beforehand. Don’t feel like you have to choose a beach toy, any cute toy will do. Think outside the box on this one! That will keep them engaged for a little longer and give you a chance at getting a pic without motion blur.

7) SHUTTER SPEED. Another tip for those super fast kiddos is to up your shutter speed. The more they move, the faster it needs to be to avoid blur. If you aren’t familiar enough with your DSLR to do this manually or you have a P&S, you can simply try the sport mode (the little man running icon).

I hope these tips help! Feel free to leave me some feedback and if any of you get to try them out soon, send a few of your favorites to ClarityPhotography@gmail.com! I would LOVE to feature some of my Camera Moms every now and then. And if you enjoyed these tips, you’ll want to sign up for the newsletter because I’ll soon start emailing sneak peeks at Camera Moms: Photographing Your Little Ones Like a Pro, click here to sign up!  Visit THE SHOP tab above to save $$$ by pre-ordering your copy of Camera Moms today!

While I was too busy to get any “portraits” this weekend, I did manage to snap a few candids of my sweet darling playing in the sand.



2 comments on “7 tips to ROCK your beach photos.

  1. Katie P. says:

    Great ideas and tips!! Can’t wait to get my kids to the beach and try them out!

  2. Jessica D. says:

    I love how you include tips for people who dont have a DSLR camera! Great tips! Love your site!

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